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  • allparts
    Member Validation

    We are glad to offer a favour to use all Allparts services, free of charge, for 1 month period to corporate members, who will pass the Eligible Member Validation Process(EMVP).
    Allparts is a largest online B2B marketplace in the world, where are using to good advantage a lot of distribution or broker companies in the line of semiconductor, electronic components,etc.
    We, Allparts B2B online systems, are supporting the direct deal between members by providing effectively real-time business information for members' selling and buying transactions.
    Additionally, for keeping online transactions between members safely, we are adopting the Eligible Member Validation Process(EMVP) applied to whom want to join this marketplace.

    A lot of electronic parts transaction between members take place in this Allparts B2B marketplace day by day and the amount of it reach from hundred dollors to hundred thousand dollors.
    How do you think does it occur in Allparts safely ? All of those deal-participants in this market know their counterpart has been verified as trusted basically thru EMVP. The Allparts EMVP provides members with online transaction reliabilties.
    You can take a fee-charge or free membership as a corporate member to join Allparts. As a free member, you can enjoy the Allparts services and check it useful for your business.
    But whoever wants to take a part in business transactions in Allparts online marketplace, should request for the Eligible Member Validation Process(EMVP) by fax-sending to Allparts such a document copy as his Business Certificate or corresponding valid business paper.
    You, even though a free member, can submit EMVP request, and right after verified as a EMVP member you can enjoy all Allparts services, free of charge for a 1 month period.
    We, Allparts, think the EMVP is the first step which will give business credibilities to our members for transactions processed in Allparts online marketplace.

    Join Member Log in

    This business certificates number [[#1]] can be requested for membership validation.
    (It will be effective only when the input business certificates number are valid and registered to the Government Tax Office.)

    You can request the member validation and free trial as the following steps.
    - Step 1 : Approval member agreements (online)
    - Step 2 : Input or modify company information (online)
    - Step 3 : Modify e-mail information (online)
    - Step 4 : Submit business certificates copy (fax)
    - Step 5 : Check the eligible member validation process and confirm (Allparts)

    You have already validated member or in the status of validation.

    Tax registration no [#1]
    Company name [#2]

    If you have some questions on more details, please ask the contact center below.
    - Telephone : 82-2-2634-6328

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    "; gfnSendMail('/Sys/Bye', sFrAddr, sToAddr, sRtAddr, sSubj, sCont); alert("Your request for membership withdrawal is accepted.\n\nAfter checking-up information on your company and product stock in Allparts,\n\nwe will clean it completely for you.\n\nDeeply appreciate your favour."); } } else { alert("The withdrawal of membership can be processed after log-in."); } } catch (e) { gfnMsg(e, "gfnLeaveMember"); } } // LostSession function gfnIsLostSessionGoLogin() { var bRtnVal = false; try { if (!gfnIsLogined()) { alert('Session closed. Please login again.'); location.href = "/Home/Login?rtn_url=" + encodeURIComponent(window.location.href); bRtnVal = true; } return bRtnVal; } catch (e) { gfnMsg(e, "gfnIsLostSessionGoLogin"); return true; } } // addEventListener /* var addEvent = (function (window) { if (window.addEventListener) { return function (element, eventName, cb, isCapture) { element.addEventListener(eventName, cb, isCapture); }; } else if (window.attachEvent) { return function (element, eventName, cb) { element.attachEvent("on" + eventName, cb); }; } else { return function (element, eventName, cb) { element["on" + eventName] = cb; }; } }(window)); */ // ???? $.datepicker.regional['ko'] = { closeText: '??', prevText: '???', nextText: '???', currentText: '??', /* monthNames: ['1?(JAN)', '2?(FEB)', '3?(MAR)', '4?(APR)', '5?(MAY)', '6?(JUN)', '7?(JUL)', '8?(AUG)', '9?(SEP)', '10?(OCT)', '11?(NOV)', '12?(DEC)'], monthNamesShort: ['1?(JAN)', '2?(FEB)', '3?(MAR)', '4?(APR)', '5?(MAY)', '6?(JUN)', '7?(JUL)', '8?(AUG)', '9?(SEP)', '10?(OCT)', '11?(NOV)', '12?(DEC)'], */ monthNames: ['1?', '2?', '3?', '4?', '5?', '6?', '7?', '8?', '9?', '10?', '11?', '12?'], monthNamesShort: ['1?', '2?', '3?', '4?', '5?', '6?', '7?', '8?', '9?', '10?', '11?', '12?'], dayNames: ['?', '?', '?', '?', '?', '?', '?'], dayNamesShort: ['?', '?', '?', '?', '?', '?', '?'], dayNamesMin: ['?', '?', '?', '?', '?', '?', '?'], weekHeader: 'Wk', firstDay: 0, isRTL: false, showMonthAfterYear: true, yearSuffix: '?' }; $.datepicker.regional['zh'] = { closeText: '關閉', prevText: '<上月', nextText: '下月>', currentText: '今天', monthNames: ['一月', '二月', '三月', '四月', '五月', '六月', '七月', '八月', '九月', '十月', '十一月', '十二月'], monthNamesShort: ['一月', '二月', '三月', '四月', '五月', '六月', '七月', '八月', '九月', '十月', '十一月', '十二月'], dayNames: ['星期日', '星期一', '星期二', '星期三', '星期四', '星期五', '星期六'], dayNamesShort: ['周日', '周一', '周二', '周三', '周四', '周五', '周六'], dayNamesMin: ['日', '一', '二', '三', '四', '五', '六'], weekHeader: '周', firstDay: 1, isRTL: false, showMonthAfterYear: true, yearSuffix: '年' }; if (ssLangCd != 'ENG') { $.datepicker.setDefaults($.datepicker.regional[(ssLangCd == 'CNG' ? "zh" : 'ko')]); }